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About Us:

Who We Are

EnVisible Media is the combined vision of BlueFace Productions and A.Taylor Media.


We are the cinematic style and technique of independent film combined with the polish and professionalism of corporate commercial production.


We are artists using our experience and creativity to shine a new light on video production.


Our focus is clear; emotional impact and dynamic storytelling through unique perspectives. Our method is simple; Engage, innovate, deliver.

Our Mission

As film makers, we value story telling foremost with a precise focus on message via creativity.

Our goal is to execute projects that stand as works-of-art in their own right. 

We aim to deliver every message from an angle that is personal, professional and unique. 

In a time when everyone has a camera, it takes more to be unexpected.  

Our Vision

In the information era it is too easy to be unseen, to blend into the crowd, to be invisible. 

EnVisible is the opposite of invisible. We envision video production as a tool to highlight the story of your product, your life, your experience from a fresh angle.  

As veteran independent film-makers, we emphasize classic cinematic techniques. As technophiles we explore the latest technological and methodological innovations. As creatives, we endeavor to evolve the artform. 

We are global citizens and our messaging is worldwide. From Detroit to Ghana, Paris to Puerto Rico, we engage with a diverse range of communities. We explore new places, peoples and ways-of-life to gain new insight and inspiration.  

How We Work

“The characters in your film should be at least as smart as the characters in your audience” 

  • Consideration: We document your project goals. We research the market, review current trends and consider how best to deliver your message.  

  • Engagement: We interview you to better understand your goals AND we survey your target audience. More than story “telling”- this is a conversation. 

  • Innovation: We start every project with an eye toward creativity. We want to deliver a product that is new and exciting. 

  • Collaboration: We involve you at each step of the creative process from brainstorming, to writing, to design.  

  • Accessibility: We emphasize communication and transparency, enabling you to review your drafts, progress, and production notes in real time. 

  • Dedication: We deliver with follow through. Not only exceeding expectations on your current project but consulting with you on the next one.   

  • Education: We develop you as a co-creative.  

Be Visionary. Contact us!

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